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Pretty Ugly (2010)

Pretty Ugly (2010)

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*Spoiler Alert*Reading a book so boring will have you go crazy, my book Pretty Ugly will have you excited, sad, eager, and inspired. The Genre of this book is Realistic Fiction. My opinion on this book is that I really enjoyed it. I was very determined and excited to read more. When Jamee's boyfriend broke up with her just because of what people were saying about her, I felt her pain because how can your first love ever do anything to you like that.The Setting of my book is At Bluford High School, Jamee's School, its relevance to the story is that, that is where the conflict started. The conflict is person Vs. person because Angel and Jamee have to go against bullies at their school.Jamee is A freshman at Bluford High School. Jamee wants to be a Bluford Cheerleader, but the way her grades are set up it looks like she won't be one. So one day she see these group of girls ganging up on this one girl at cheerleading tryouts, instead of walking away and being a coward she stands up for the poor girl. But Jamee gets caught up in more mess, her mother and father expects her to be like her sister, her boyfriend wants to believe what other people say, and the girls who were ganging up on that one girl Angel, comes after Jamee with rumors saying that she like girls. Then when Angel's mom tells Jamee parents how brave and sincere Jamee were they finally decide that she could be on the cheerleading team and they understood that Jamee is not going to always be like Darcy, Smart and independent. I can relate to the character, Jamee, because when i was in 4th grade this girl was getting bullied in gym class for being skinny and not knowing how to do things. I stood up for the girl and told the bullies to leave her alone, and then they started to pick on me for a while and I told the teachers and they left us alone. The character Jamee and I are similar because both of our parents do not understand, and they do not like to listen to our explanation when they think we are doing something bad when we were actually doing something smart. Like in the book when Jamee wanted to explain to her parents the reason she was skipping her classes to help her get better grades, and to go to cheerleading practice, was to stand up for Angel Mcollister. I was surprised when Jamee stood up for Angel because in other books related to this book the person would just run and tell the teacher. I do not know about anyone else but i'll like for someone around my age to stand up for me. Just like when we went to the assembly, half of the school suggested when they get bullied they'll rather have someone similar to there age to stand up for them. I was convinced by this passage because it shows me how to be a better person. Also treat people how the way I want to be treated, because there is a 50% chance someone is not going to like what and how I do things but if I don't give them the satisfaction they'll leave me alone. That's exactly what Jamee did. I give her props.In conclusion, on a scale 1 through 5, I rate this book as an 5 because not only that I liked it, I really could relate to the characters. I recommend this book to the people who are struggling in their life because this book might help you with your problems. So if you want to read a more relating book to yourself. Stop by the library you probably don't have anything else to do. Hehe! Pretty ugly was by far an awesome book that I ever read. There are lots of stories that I can relate to in high school and middle. It was like I was very popular at every school I went to but I always had that jealous girl on my back.‘’When I saw this book ‘’I just knew I was going like it because a lot of the things happen in this book related to me.In this story there was a girl named Jamie Wills and she was becoming a freshmen at Blue Ford high school were her big sister Darcy attended to. Also Jamie wanted to be a cheerleader and join the squad. The big problem was that Jamie was having troubles in her math class but Mrs. Guessner told Jamie to come in after school and retake her math test because order to become a cheerleader your grades have to be up to part and passing. At the first practice she saw a girl that she had not saw before and her name was Angle McAllister a new student at school. That is also trying out for the squad. It was kind of a problem because Angle was kind of shy and can’t really speak up for herself.So the queen bees of the cheerleading team took matters in their own hands and took a mean picture of Angle and started to send it to other students around the school. Jamie did not like how the other girls were treating her. So Jamie started to take up for Angle. Until coach Seville found out and told the ladies if they don’t say who did the mean thing to her they will not be no cheerleading team until someone fessed up.It will be kind of hard for Jamie to stop being friends with Angle to keep her rank with the other cheerleaders. Teens and children today are kind of messed up because they don’t want to be leaders they want to be followers. It’s also because they don’t know how to stand up for their self. They might just be scared. I think this book does a great job of show the importance of who are your friends and who is not and also trying to be a self-advocated person.I really love this book and love how the author put a lot of supporting details and making it juicy. A part of the story was sad but the other parts is waking up and smelling the coffee. The awesome part is the Jamie and all the right decision and passé her classes and did what’s right.

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it was a good bluford high book i have ever read i hope you can make a movie .

im reading this now, done readin dis

this was a good book

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