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Bluford #18: Pretty Ugly (2013)

Bluford #18: Pretty Ugly (2013)

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About book Bluford #18: Pretty Ugly (2013)

Have you ever had a sister/brother in school that always does better then you and everybody thinks you are as smart as them? Well Jamee does her sister's name is Darcy and she is really smart and all of Jamee's teachers tell Jamee why cant you be as smart as your sister.This book is Realistic Fiction because this can happen to anybody.I thought this book was very good and awesome because I love books with a lot of action in them and this book was about how Jamee was getting bad grades and her sister Darcy always had good grades and people tell her why cant you be as smart as your sister and she has to bring her grades up if she wants to make the cheer squad.This story took place at Bluford High,her house,and her aunts house.Jamee wanted to be a cheerleader at Bluford high.But in order to be a cheerleader she had to do good in school and she was doing bad. Then she started going to cheerleader tryouts to see if she was good enough for the team. Conflict Person vs self because she has to make her own decisions if she wants to make the team she has to bring her grades up. The main Character is Jamee,Darcy (jamee's sister).I was surprised when the teachers were telling her why cant you be as smart as your sister Darcy, I thought that was pretty mean. What i really understood why Jamee was standing up for once to her friend Angel(a girl that really didn't have no friends and was very shy) and tell them to leave and stop messing with her. The main Characters problem is getting bad grades in school because if she has bad grades she cant join any school programs.I thought this book was pretty good and i rated it a 5 star because I like books that have drama and a lot of action. I rate this book also a 5 because the girls drama is like real life problems people would so I would recommend this to girls that have a lot of drama in their lives and see how Jamee handled her drama in school. If you ever read this book I hope you learn the same thing that I did stand up for your self and don't let people push you around and always do good in school because if you don't when you want to join a school program you aren't going to be able if you are not then no team for you. I think this book teaches a very good lesson to people that doesn't listen to others and only care about the bad things that are happening. Jamee had always been compared to her sister, Darcy because Darcy is always into work and Jamee has bad grades a year long and doesn't do anything about it. She fails a math test but she doesn't retake it because she wants to be nice and help out a friend in her cheerleading squad. Jamee is conceded about her friend, Angel alone in the team. Angel thought of quitting because a mean girl is on the team also. Her name is Vanessa. Vanessa sends a photo that has Jamee and Angel in it to everyone in school. Jamee fixes it by skipping the math test and helping her friend. She stands up to Vanessa because the cheerleading teacher already knows about the picture. Vanessa gave in and so did her friends that had her back. Jamee never really wanted trouble. So she tried solving it calmly and not the way she would end up losing. Now that Vanessa is out of the group, everyone can cheer in peace. This book isa good lesson for bystanders and stand up to bullies and stop the bullying that they see. Unlike what Vanessa's friends did.

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I loved it. Its a great way to learn about having heart with the sports you love.

So far this book is filled with tons of drama

i really didn't like this book .

so far i love the book.

is a good book

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