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Paciente Cero (2010)

Paciente cero (2010)

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La Factoría de Ideas

About book Paciente Cero (2010)

I don't really want to waste a lot of time reviewing a book I didn't like. I zoomed through the audiobook version at 3x speed once I realized its "quality". It read like an '80s action b-movie that lacked any sense of self-mocking kitsch. There was even a secret base over a volcano... sigh... As I mentioned in an earlier comment, violence and intimidation were the method of good guy team building. Torture works... Why has that become such gospel in American pulp fiction after Abu Ghraib? The main character, Joe Ledger, is a roid'ed out Han Solo wannabe with half the IQ. Basically, if you imagine what a fairly ignorant male gamer who can google "prion" would write for a zombie book you probably already know the plot structure. Something this extreme could work as satire, but that it ain't. Yuck. If you like shows like 24 or Flashpoint and the Walking Dead then this could be for you! I discovered Maberry through some of his other works (Ghost Road Blues was a great Horror read) and picked this one up and was pleasantly surprised.Maberry doesn't construct sentences that utilise the english language with any poetry - Let's face it, they're not literary classics! If you do enjoy brutal escapism that has great horror undertones I recommend the Joe Ledger series.

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An enjoyable book. Not very believable but it was fun and action packed.

Laughable. Some of these 4 and 5 star reviewers must be 13 year olds.

Scary Stuff....

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