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Out For Blood (2010)

Out for Blood (2010)

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1408807068 (ISBN13: 9781408807064)
Bloomsbury Childrens

About book Out For Blood (2010)

I also enjoyed this book in the series. It wasn't as good as the first book was, but it was still very funny and exciting.Right now I can only think of two particular complaints: Quinn didn't seem very much into Hunter.(which reminds me...what a ridiculous name for a girl-Hunter!)I don't understand Hunter's reasons behing not telling anybody about her drug suspicion sooner.Someone more praticular than her immediate friends. I mean I know that the only time she trusted a teacher she got let down in the end, but come on! Her private investigation was kinda pathetic and the ultimate evil AND out-come was rather obvious. I always ask myself why do I take so long trying to finish this series, I tend to stop and forget how AMAZING this series is and I swear I will be finishing this whole series in a manner of days…. But for now Out for Blood is DONE! And what can I say?! God, it was amazing everything that I expected from Alyxandra Harvey. Romance, suspense and a growing love for another brother Quinn who we learn more about in this book and a female huntress Hunter. I feel in love with this two from the get go and I just can’t I want to read more adventures between them but knowing Harvey we will move onto another brother which is just as fine. More brothers for us to love…. I seriously can put into words how much I LOVED this book I finished it in a matter of hours that is how hooked I was! And I can’t wait to actually finish the rest of the series.

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My favorite Drake book so far. Quinn and Hunter are addicting. I could read this again and again.

Hunter. Is. Amazing. Oh, and Spencer and Chloe should totally get together… :)


Meh. A bit on the predictable side.

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