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My Love Lies Bleeding (2010)

My Love Lies Bleeding (2010)

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1408803402 (ISBN13: 9781408803400)
Bloomsbury Publishing

About book My Love Lies Bleeding (2010)

This is my first review and I'm compelled to do this even via tablet as I'm disturbed at the high rating. I wish a 4 star rating indicated more than a marginally good read with stock characters, overdone ideas and not even page-turning smut or action. I'm not a stickler for, well anything, I devour fiction across genres but do expect not to be constantly grimacing from the writing in a 4 star book. Writing from the perspective of two characters was beyond the writer's abilities, unfortunately. YA vampire fiction has far more to offer whether your bent is Twilight, Anita Blake, Vampire Academy, House of Night, Sookie Stackhouse or 50 Shades of Gray with fangs (admittedly that last one wouldn't be YA!). But then maybe this book is best if you're unfamiliar with any prior vampire series and the idea of good vampires, a painful "turn" or a vampire monoarchy is a novelty. All to say, I need a book to excel at something. Writing can be unremarkable if the story is gripping (like other reviews promised) or the characters well-developed/delightful or the action nonstop. This frankly had none of the above. I have heard the series improves...if that helps... What I liked: Everybody going after her because she's the only born female vampire, and that her brother and best human friend like each other.What I didn't: When Solange is just stuck with the guy that saves her.The bottom line: I love it. I thought it was a cool book.Rating breakdown:Overall - 4/5Creativity - 5/5Characters - 4/5Writing - 5/5Appeal to teens - 4/5Appropriate length to tell the story - 5/5LOL 2019

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Not great, but definitely enjoyable thanks to the cast.Prose is light, easily read.

It was ok I didn't really enjoy it but I think it will get better

Best vampire series I've probably ever read. DITCH TWILIGHT NOW!

This was an entertaining book.

Brilliant! loved this book xx

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