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One Tiny Lie (2013)

One Tiny Lie (2013)

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About book One Tiny Lie (2013)

I keep telling myself that I should stop reading New Adult books because must of the time they just make my angry and let me down, but then I found a book like this one and it's worth it. It wasn't perfect though. The characters fell in love to quickly– as always – and sometime I really hate Livie. But I love Ash and his background history was heartbreaking and I really felt the love that Ash and Livie felt for each other. And the writing was really good which, in my experience, is difficult to find in this kind of books. I definitely think this is one of my favorites of this genre Finished moths ago and I'm waiting for my mind to be totally cleared to read the book again. This book literally had me crying, laughing out loud and feeling every possible emotion there is to feel (including a little horny ;) This book gets pretty steamy haha). I could write a novel on how much I loved this book, but I'll just leave it at this. The characters/character relationships were superb, the writing and imagery were great, the story and plot twist were fantastic and this is overall just a spectacular read.

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I absolutely freakin loved it!I have book 3 in my hands already :)

Приятна книжка за свободното време.

Loved it! Review to come.

I love this series!!


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