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Five Ways To Fall (2014)

Five Ways to Fall (2014)

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1476740526 (ISBN13: 9781476740522)
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About book Five Ways To Fall (2014)

I am so incredibly sad that these books are over. Definitely one of my favorite New Adult series of all time. I think Ben and Reese's story has officially replaced Livie and Ashton's for my favorite. Going into this book I was skeptical, because I didn't know how much I would love Ben as the leading male. BUT OH BOY WAS I WRONG. He was definitely the most charming love interest of the series. And Reese was his perfect counter part. Their banter had me giggling page after page. Reese had the snark of Kacey with slightly less emotional baggage. I even really liked some of the new supporting characters. I found Reese and Mason's sibling rivalry extremely entertaining. This book was much lighter than the others, and it was so refreshing. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a feel-good love story. I really wanted to like this book because I loved other books by this author but I just CANNOT get into this book. I keep forcing myself to read more and it is just so the point I am begging for something interesting to happen. I will probably force myself to finish the book because I paid for it and that is just how I am. Here's to hoping the book surprises me and comes out fighting and conquering its current one star review!

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Absolutely amazing. Just finished it and already want to read it again!

Really, really, really enjoyed this book!

4.5Loved it!

Loved it :)

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