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One Night That Changes Everything (2010)

One Night That Changes Everything (2010)

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1416994793 (ISBN13: 9781416994794)
Simon Pulse

About book One Night That Changes Everything (2010)

Other than the fact that this book only took me less than 5 hours to read, I didn't like it very much. For one thing, the characters and the romance story line were terribly cliche. The main male, Cooper, is that hot boy that all girls lust after, and he just so happens to 'fall in love' with the shy, quiet, main female, otherwise known as Eliza. They have that relationship all girls want, but we know is very unrealistic. That's why I never found myself liking the romance that they had.Another issue I had with this book, was the relationships. Eliza seems to have these friends that barely fit the description. They disappear when they're needed the most and they prioritize boys over Eliza even when she's under stress. This would be ok, if towards the end Eliza would've realized that they weren't real friends, but that wasn't the case. Instead, it ended with all of them with a relationship as strong as ever.However, the worst part about this book was how horribly anti-climatic it all was. It was the same deal with the other Lauren Barnholdt book I read (Two-Way Street). With an amazing plot idea, it was all thrown away with a huge problem that was resolved in less than a chapter. All the action was built up to a high point and suddenly everything came crashing down, and not in a good way.If you want a really quick read, I guess you could pick this book up, but make sure to go into it not expecting much because this book, in my opinion, had a lot of potential (with that kind of an idea) and did not live up to it I loved this book. It is incomparable but slightly frustrating. Her friends leave her behind a couple of times and her ex-boyfriend is a bit of a jerk. But hopeless romantic that I am I may or may not have been rooting for him. She describes Cooper the same way any teenage girl would after having figured out what she had. Angry, sad, miserable, and with low-self esteem. I however completely hate Tyler he enjoys her misery a little too much. Though his little brother Edward was just too dang adorable, can't hate him it's not possible.

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Once again, a great book from Lauren Barnholdt, maybe my favorite from all of her work.

Oh my goodness I loved this book. It was fantastic!

(3.8) it was pretty good, I enjoyed myself

Amazing book! I love her books!

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