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Oh, Le Beau Manteau Pour Zorro ! (2014)

Oh, le beau manteau pour Zorro ! (2014)

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About book Oh, Le Beau Manteau Pour Zorro ! (2014)

I was a fan of little Zorro last year, and students at my school love him too. Now, with this second book we have more to enjoy! Zorro and his housemate Mr. Bud are fast friends and enjoy their daily routine. Zorro is surprised before the morning walk with a masked, cape for a new outfit. His owner put it on him, but he hate it. Out for a walk anyway, and Zorro is humiliated further when neighborhood dogs and even the CAT laugh at him. Once Mr. Bud and Zorro get to the park the dogs are in for an exciting change. Who wouldn't love wearing a masked, cape outfit?I read this for Kindergarten students, stood on my feet and found myself acting out the story as I read. The children just loved it, and so did I. Goodrich has worked as a cartoonist for years, and has several movie credits to his name. As I read his characters I feel as though I'm in a movie. I love that part because I teach children to "see a movie in your head as you read." Both of the Zorro titles work perfectly with this in mind. The books support classroom lessons too for character, dialog, personification, and with this title there is an example of how to deal with bullying. Thank you Carter Goodrich for another terrific book! Zorro and Mister Bud live together. All is well untill Zorro gets an outfit. A batman cape and hood that he doesn't particularly like, but he is forced to wear. He feels humiliated out on his daily walk by everyone including Mister Bud. Even the neighborhood cat laughs at him('how awful). But someone else shows up! Someone special! He has an outfit too! He's fast and clever, and...oh my....will this change Zorros opinion of himself or his outfit? Will it change his relationship with Master Bud? That's what this story is all about. Darling drawings and hearfelt expressions that will touch your heart and the heart of any child that reads this along with you. A friendship lesson that is necessary to learn at an early age. Our friends are important!

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"Zorro was embarrassed"- the illustration captures doggie embarrassment perfectly!

SUPER cuuuuuute! I'm reading this for Dog Storytime this week.

Great illustrations. Funnier than I thought it would be.

We need more Zorro up in here!

Expressive illustrations.

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