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Officer Off Limits (2013)

Officer off Limits (2013)

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1622662199 (ISBN13: 9781622662197)
Entangled: Brazen

About book Officer Off Limits (2013)

4 1/2 stars! Why did I want to read this book?I’m thinking I’m going to be addicted to the Entangled Brazen line. They’re relative short, easy, and entertaining reads and the book blurbs really work for me. This sounds interesting because of that whole off-limits things. It’s always the things that are off-limits that are the most enticing, right? What worked for me?Tessa Bailey writes characters with incredible chemistry and Daniel and Story are no different. That first meeting in the hospital already establishes that and the author continues to show us just how much these two are combustible through the story.I really appreciate those elements of tentativeness, with these two people feeling that connection but somehow accepting that it will only just be for a short time, and those of elements of almost surreal clarity and sureness, with their mounting desire for each other, both sexually and in other aspects as well. What did not work for me?I could have done without that bit of revelation towards the end as to the reason why Story’s fiance broke the engagement with her but I can still live with it without it hurting my enjoyment of the book very much. My over-all take on it?This was my first Tessa Bailey story and this is only the beginning. I love her writing style: the way she characterizes and the way she develops her characters are just right up my alley. Her romance and sexy times are amazing and they are always tethered to something emotional so they’re very much intense every time. Story and Daniel intriguing characters and I’m glad I got read their story. Another outstanding romance by the author Tessa Bailey. Officer off Limits is about a Kindergarten teacher named Story Brooks who two weeks before the wedding her fiancé breaks off with her, claiming he is in love with another woman. Finding out her estranged father is in the hospital due to a heart attack along with not wanting to examine her lack of emotion over the broken engagement, she hops on a plane to reconnect with her father before it’s too late. There she meets Daniel Chase a Hostage Negotiator with the New York City police department. If you are looking for toe curling passion and hot sizzling sex along with a good story and interesting characters this is your book. Can not wait to read the next in the series Asking for Trouble.

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Another amazing book by my current favourite NA writer

Best one yet and it's the third in the series weird!

Loved it.


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