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O Guardião Das Causas Perdidas (2007)

O Guardião das Causas Perdidas (2007)

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About book O Guardião Das Causas Perdidas (2007)

I love it when I find a new author. Once this got going I found it riveting especially as it raced towards the end. I did find the revenge exacted rather excessive but it made for excellent drama and tension. Great characters too, the curmudgeonly detective was a bit stereotypical but well drawn and his handy assistant (and cleaner) Assad was fantastic. The double narrative set in 2007 and 2002-2007 worked well and the strength of character of the 'victim' shone through.I am moving quickly on to the second book of the series. I saw the movie and then decided to read the book, usually its the other way around for me, but I was given free tickets to see the movie. I have always loved the Scandanavian writers that have recently become so popular, so was very interested to read this authors books. A likeable but flawed character (like all humans) and I enjoyed the movie a lot but the book with its extra detail was even better.This inspired me to read all of the novels in this series. I didnt read this book and series in one day as it appears.

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The audio book - confusingly titled 'Mercy' is fantasticaly read by Stephen Pacey.

Loved this book. A great plot. Will be reading more books by this author.

Well, guess now I'm a fan of scandinavian mystery.

Pretty damn good.

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