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Nunca Olvidan (2014)

Nunca olvidan (2014)

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I don't know why i can't put 4 stars, even though 3 is not enough. So it's more like 3,99999. Yeup. I fell for all the characters, i really enjoyed their personnalities (ESPECIALLY VIDAS) and i wish i could protect them /all/ - and shame on me but Clancy is truly hot -Negative points: plot i'm still waiting to know where does the disease or whatever come from. Too many "villains" i don't like it either. And long, too long, for nothing really interesting... But the C H A R A C T E R E S made me to get it over with. I didn't finish this one--couldn't get into it. First, she opens the book with our heroine unable to use the abilities she developed at the end of the previous book. Second, she reduces the character to confused survival--she has no goal other than survival for about the first 100 pages and then needs to find Liam--but has to be forced into doing it so she can survive. Having her weakened and with no goal make this book little more than angst in between missions. What put me to get the edge was the implausible plot that the Children's league sees superpowered kids as wastes of resources. I can see jealously, but it's totally not believable. So I quit reading.

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3.75 stars? Is that a thing I can do? Or maybe 4? I don't know. It just ended sO DRAMATICALLY.

I loved this book, it was almost as good as the first. i can't wait for the next one

Even as I loved it this book broke my heart.

This series has my heart.


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