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Não Sou Um Serial Killer (2009)

Não Sou Um Serial Killer (2009)

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About book Não Sou Um Serial Killer (2009)

I very randomly picked up this book at my local library simply because the title intrigued me. Brought it home and quickly devoured it in less than 2 weeks. That's fast for me. :) Hats off to Dan Wells (also an author I hadn't heard of before now), and how he crafted this story. Clearly he did his homework and research on not just serial killers, but sociopaths. John Wayne Cleaver is both intriguing and scary at the same time. I was fascinated and completely engrossed. I am eager to read more from him as I know this is part of a series. Well done Dan Wells! In the book I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER by Dan Wells is about a boy named John Wayne Cleaver. He is fifteen and he works as a mortician, and he is a sociopath. He is obsessed with serial killers he does reports on it and he likes to talk about it. One day a serial Killer enters down and John wants to find this serial killer because of the way he kills. He doesn’t kill with a knife but apparently John found out that he tears his victims apart. After he discovers who the serial killer is he starts to stalk the killer. I really enjoy the book I would read it again and I would recommend to read the other books that Dan Wells writes. This book is hard to put down when you start to read it. The first part of the book is slow but after a while the book gets better and it is hard to put it down. Everytime I read this book I want to read the next one. The book may get a little repetitive at times but it is well worth it. I think that the big part of the whole book is that when you figure out who the serial killer is and what happened when he does. It keeps you guessing on why the killer does what he does and I really enjoyed it. I think my teacher for giving me this book to read. I would recommend this book to young adults to adults to read. If i was to compare this book with another book I couldn’t think of another book to compare. It was different and just made you want to keep reading and reading until you finish the book then you want to read the rest of the series.

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Wonderfully authentic

soo GOOD. i love it..

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