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Mr. Monster (2010)

Mr. Monster (2010)

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I didn't like "Mr. Monster" quite as well as "I am not a Serial Killer", mostly because the utter freshness of John Cleaver's character/situation was past, and in book two, I sometimes got a tired of his reiterating the same old conflicts -- I really want to kill my mother and my girlfriend, being a sociopath is so hard, I want to kill because it is the only way I have of feeling, etc. Also, despite the fact that various murders happen in the first half of the book, the suspense of the story doesn't take off till the second half, part I being a bit tediously concerned with town life and teenage angst, albeit from John's uniquely twisted perspective. I do continue to feel that John's budding relationship with Brooke, the girl he likes and who, amazingly, likes him back, is sweet. (It is amazing to me how a beautiful girl who is part of the in-crowd would be drawn to him -- even though he covers up his problems, John is undeniably a withdrawn loner -- but somehow Wells makes it work. He creates in Brooke a persona who is looking for a quality that goes beyond handsome studliness, and he does it so well that we can suspend disbelief at her attraction to John.) But I found the subplot revolving around John's sister and her abusive boyfriend very pro-forma, and his relationship with his mom, while touching, a bit monotonous.Then part II explodes and kept me riveted till the end, particularly as John is not only struggling to break free from the killer's clutches, but trying to keep his own worst instincts at bay in the process. Perhaps too hopefully, I felt by the end that John was starting to get in touch with some emotions? Not sure how he can, since I assume his condition is biological, but it seemed that way to me. And since what keeps me reading isn't the violence and gore (there's actually way too much of that for my taste), or even the excitement and suspense, but the question of whether John will ever be able to love the girl he obviously WANTS to love, I will read the third book, despite the inevitable repetitiveness which almost sunk this book for me. I had heard "I Am Not A Serial Killer" as an audiobook and was really impressed by the story and it's characters. It was clear to me, that this series could turn out to be on of my favourites, and so it is."Mr Monster" ist book #2 in the serialkiller series by Dan Wells and I love it.Story:After John has killed for the first time, even if his victim was a demon and the Clayton Killer, his hunger for more grew. He has his rules, but it becomes harder and harder for him to follow them. When a new killer attacks in Clayton County, John is sure: another demon is here, to seek revenge and finde the one who killed his friend. But who is he? Now his mother knows about demons, but she isn't ready to talk about her experience yet and there's not even Dr Neblin to talk to. John is all on his own.Characters:John Wayne Cleaver is a very interesting person and I love to read about him. He is like the opposite of average and it's very refreshing to read about a book with fantasy elements (demons), that is in all other parts a "normal" book. I like to feel with John and see him struggle and balance on his way to do the right thing. He knows what he is (a sociopath), but he isn't willing to let this part of him, whom he calls "Mr Monster", let gain control over him. April, his mother, is a bit more understanding in this book, because she knows about the demons. She also trusts John more, because she knows that he wants to save the innocent. Nevertheless, she wants to keep him from the danger and even isn't willing to let him kill the new demon. I can understand her, she just does what a mother has to do.Brooke is just one of the secondary characters, too, but she is important to John. She is likeable and the tourist-date she and John went on is an amazing idea. Writing:Dan Wells knows how to keep the reader's focus on the story. I couldn't put the book down, because it was so exciting and thrilling. I have this faible for stories with psycho-characters so it's perfect for me :) John is one of my favourite book characters and Wells writing is very good. He totally is capable of building this YA-Story (a young protagonist) including fantasy elements (demon) and making it a crime (serial killer) and a thriller altogether. And it works out well(s) :)Furthermore, there are many gread ideas in the book and things like the descriptions of the embalming process (John's mother runs a mortuary where he works) make the book as real as it is possible. Wells' protagonist is anything but perfect and I think this is rare (in this extreme form).So I give 5 of 5 claws for this book. I am currently reading book #3, "I don't want to kill you" and so far it's great, too. :)

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Mi favorito como el de la esposa del escritor, lo amé,:D me encanta, me encanta!!!!!

And again another book that I enjoyed. The means of torture were just amazing.

Disturbingly good.

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