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Night World, No. 3 (1997)

Night World, No. 3 (1997)

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1416974520 (ISBN13: 9781416974529)
Simon Pulse

About book Night World, No. 3 (1997)

I love this series and this book was a great wrap-up until Night World #10 came out. This book, I thought, was the best out of all of them. The characters, well, had character and they were strong heroines. I connected with the characters on the deepest level and I was sad when they were, happy when they were, etc.. A great plot, great characters, and great writing will do that to you. I definitely recommend this book to everyone and of all genders because it is great in romance and self-discovery for the girls and a lot of action for the boys. So read it! You will not regret it, I promise you!!! IS SHE EVER GOING TO FINISH THE SERIES? That's all I wanna know. The Night World books are great. But a series without a last book is like a song with no end. And if she's writing Vampire Diaries books and The Secret Circle books, why can't she end Night World. I've been waiting for Strange Fate since I finished reading Witchlight in 2008. I hate things like that. I'm hlf afraid she'll die before she finishes it and I'll never know how it ends, lol. That's how much I love these books. It's been nearly twenty years since she published the last one, I'm not sure what she's waiting for.

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If you ever need hope, Night world is the series to go to.

Question: was there ever a fourth volume???

Great :D


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