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Night World, No. 2 (2008)

Night World, No. 2 (2008)

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1416974512 (ISBN13: 9781416974512)
Simon Pulse

About book Night World, No. 2 (2008)

So I read this book quite a while ago… 2-3 years ago maybe, anyway, it has about three short stories, and every single one of them has vampires, and romance, and all that jazz. Overall it was a very quick, but nice read. Each of these stories has a vampire and a human girl (one of the human girls was supposedly a witch i think, sorry if this is wrong and I'm mixing series) and basically in each one the human and vampire fall in love, but the vampire society is against this. That doesn't matter too much because in almost all of them the human girl tries (and fails in the end) to reject the vampire. I would pretty much recommend this book to any reader seeking a short but good read. Night World has two laws:Humans cannot know about Night World.Don't fall in love with a human.These three books share what happens when these rules are broken. Volume 2 shows more about the past of Night World. Also, a subplot I begins to take shape. Circle Day Break comes into the picture as humans, witches, shifters, and vampires work together. I picked up this series without any recommendations from others. I'm glad that I did. The individual stories were interesting and fun. I am now sharing my copies with friends and family.

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you will fall in love with these addicting books and characters you cant help but love and root fo

I really love this series, I liked the Chosen best out of the two.. I can't wait to read no.3 :D

Each book get better than the last one.

another 3 good stories

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