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Night World, No. 1 (2008)

Night World, No. 1 (2008)

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About book Night World, No. 1 (2008)

Night World, Volume 1, by L.J. Smith, is the first of three volumes in this incredible series. It follows three stories of supernatural occurrences and the character’s introduction into a world they never imagined could exist. Poppy, and energetic firecracker faces her mortality in “Secret Vampire”. She has to figure out what is real and what could really kill her before she loses everything. In “Daughters of Darkness”, three vampire sisters escape and move to a faraway town where they are finally on their own. When they discover a mysterious murder, they must work together to solve the mystery and keep their new friends safe, while trying to stay hidden from their brother, who plans to turn them in. And finally, in “Spellbinder”, Witchy cousins, sisters at heart, must discover their true selves while trying to capture an escaped spirit witch bent on getting bloody retribution. And of course, what would a good supernatural tale be without supernatural love? Overall this is a great book. I have read it so many times that I could probably recite it verbatim, and yet I still get love every bit of the story. The storylines fit neatly and nicely together with an impeccable flow, and the writing is so smooth and detailed that you could never find yourself confused. L.J Smith writes a compelling story that doesn’t fail to excite. The reader is able to follow the emotional rollercoaster of each character and feel like they are living right beside them. There is never a dull moment in this story. The reader will never want to put this book down, or the next ones either. L.J. Smith is a popular author, known mostly by her series/TV show Vampire Diaries. The Night World series, written long before Vampire Diaries, in 1995, is, in my opinion, by far the better series. Sadly, for any reader wishing to finish the books, Smith didn’t finish the fifth and final instalment, leaving us unaware of what really happened at The End. However, this drawback should certainly not hinder anyone from reading the book because it is such a great series to read. Night World has two laws:Humans cannot know about Night World.Don't fall in love with a human.These three books share what happens when these rules are broken. There is not much of a subplot in Volume 1. I picked up this series without any recommendations from others. I'm glad that I did. The individual stories were interesting and fun. I am now sharing my copies with friends and family.

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I love how everything connects, like the characters in one story also in the other one

read one summer, okay, fast to read. Nothing special. Very vamp teen.

Great story, reads quickly.

lovely stories

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