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Nie Mogę Powiedzieć Ci Prawdy (2012)

Nie mogę powiedzieć ci prawdy (2012)

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About book Nie Mogę Powiedzieć Ci Prawdy (2012)

Why do decent plots get wasted on horrible books? Why do I continue to subject myself to awkward writing? Why does goodreads give basic books good ratings???Once again I was very disappointed in a Lauren Barnholdt book. The title sounds somewhat promising, the cover not so bad, but the book? The actual parts that make up this book? Mehhhhhhh.Two snobby kids who do not know each other both get kicked out of their school junior year and enroll in a public school. Gasps! Told from two different, but honestly not so different, perspectives, Kelsey and Isaac share the woes of high school. Okay. this book is supposed to be about the truth or whatever. Kelsey lies to Isaac about being a virgin for the single most dumb reason ever. Isaac lied to her about something, I don't remember, it wasn't worthy enough. There are sub characters that are not necessary in this book, like Chloe and Marshall. They just take up space for no damn reason. Everything is so cliche it hurts.Kelsey has a crappy best-friend and you know what? I'm kind of tired of the main character having a horrible best friend. It has become the new "kill off the mom"or "kill of the parents". Sick of it. Isaac ad Kelsey are at this school for about two months. Maybe. They hardly meet anyone outside of Marshall, Chloe and the only sub character who gets a bit of a role, Marina. Really? You don't meet anyone? No one? Okay. Sure.Isaac is the typical jerk but changes for the girl he meets. *Spoiler alert* He tells Kelsey he is in love with her. After almost, maybe, possibly a month of "dating". They didn't say they were boyfriend or girlfriend, although they refer to each other as much in their heads,but they are in love already -_- What really pissed me off isn't the fact that some of their family issues was in the book and they did not elaborate on it. At all. Definitely no love for the mom's in this one. But the fact that this dumb over privileged kids acted as if they were going to catch cooties going to a public school. You disgust me!So many inconsistencies. Hair changing colors, characters sitting down when they were already sitting down, just random stuff editors did not catch. And the word PLOP! I hate this word with the burning passion of a million suns. If one more person plopped something down I was going to have a conniption. Do better Barnholdt. Ok, this book is just disappointing. I do enjoy the alternating POV and the past and present story line, but the "big secret" in the entire book is just ridiculous. *SPOILERS*I honestly couldn't put this down because of the chemistry between Kelsey and Issac but NOTHING HAPPENS. Kelsey got kicked out of her old school for destroying her ex boyfriend's science project which happpens to be a car because he cheated on her. Now Issac and Kelsey meet. Blah, blah, blah.... The end up hosting this day with the school Kelsey got kicked out of, which is CLEARLY a recipe for disaster. Issac and Kelsey get heated and Issac being a guy wants to have sex, Kelsey say she's a virgin. Blah,blah, blah... The day comes and something goes terribly wrong because the ex boyfriend is there and he speaks to Issac. Issac punches him in the face because he says something about Kelsey. We find out that this "BIG SECRET" is that Kelsey isn't a virgin and Issac is pissed at first but then they get back together. STUPID HIGH SCHOOL PETTY DRAMA.

Do You like book Nie Mogę Powiedzieć Ci Prawdy (2012)?

It is really good. The ending is only ok. I think that it is a good book but you can lose interest.

Really good book, i read it so fast because its so good

I thought it was amazing :)


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