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Městečko Pines (2013)

Městečko Pines (2013)

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I would give it a 3.5 if I could. Definitely a page turner that keeps you intrigued with the twists and turns. The story is told in fragments which was frustrating to me at several points (although I admit that this could also be partially attributed to reading on a kindle where the variation in text styles is not as pronounced as it would be in a print copy of the book). Still undecided as to if I will finish the trilogy... In the Pines, Blake Crouch provides everything I look for in a good read. His main character, Ethan Burke, is both likeable and crazed, making him the ideal person to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Wayward Pines. With constant plot twists and turns and enough action to make this more of a thriller than a mystery (though it works well both ways), trying to guess what the truth will be or even what will happen next turns your mind upside down. Some will complain about the impossibility of the ending but in my opinion makes for a great conclusion. Ethan Burke is a Secret Service agent sent to Wayward Pines, Idaho to find two missing secret service agents. Instead he is involved in an auto accident and ends up in the Wayward Pines hospital. What unravels next is a series of weird experiences and discoveries that will keep you turning pages to find out what will happen next. Ethan feels something is off with the town. He also can't figure out why he can't reach his wife or boss on the phone back in Seattle. Even though everyone knows his name, no one believes he is a Secret Service agent. He also discovers the entire town is surrounded by either an electrified fence or impassable mountains. The reader is left wandering what Wayward Pines is all about and if Ethan will escape alive. Highly recommended mix of thriller, mystery, and a little science fiction mixed in. If you get the chance, make sure this book is on your must read list.

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I really enjoyed this book. I was surprised by the ending. I plan on reading more in this series.

Not bad, read better thrillers, parts area hard to suspend disbelief, but good for a rainy day.

great read. kept me guessing and hypothesizing till the end

Good book.. can't wait to read the last one in the series!

This is as close to horror as I like to read.

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