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Last Town, The (2014)

Last Town, The (2014)

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1480599662 (ISBN13: 9781480599666)
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About book Last Town, The (2014)

Excelente final para una excelente trilogía. Acaba como tiene que terminar, cerrando el círculo y dejando todas las opciones abiertas de cara a una posible continuación de la historia (que espero que no llegue, este final es perfecto).Lo único que me intriga es saber qué estructura tendrá la serie de televisión basada en estos libros, porque no puede durar más que un puñado de episodios (a no ser que opten por desviarse completamente de la línea argumental). Será interesante de ver. Just WOW.. I hate books that end like this..... but for being an upcoming TV show.. its Perfect! I even e-mailed the author BEGGING for a novella sequelI am now ruined for a few weeks.. i will rummage from book..... to book... to book on my kindle looking for something to catch my fancy... wistfully sighing........ this book rocked my world like a highschool football team does the cheerleader of choice..

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3.5 stars a fun read but you do need to read the 2 books that are before this one in the series.

End of the trilogy. Way too much gore. Delightful twist at the end.

My least favorite of the trilogy. And i didn't like the ending!

It was OK. I was happy to be done with the series.

Great end!

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