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Mírame A Los Ojos (2012)

Mírame a los ojos (2012)

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About book Mírame A Los Ojos (2012)

I found this book quite unique. It moved a little slowly at times and I wasn't certain how all of the characters would tie together at the end, but the author managed to do so. I thought the transformation of Michael was very well done and the sense of imminent change was palpable. I also thought the author did a good job of switching the tables and making Julia, who was originally the most sympathetic character in the beginning and Michael who initially was not sympathetic, change places in my sympathies about midway through the book. But it was done so gradually I almost didn't realize it. And even though I knew what the inevitably sad end result would be almost from the start, I still felt emotional about the books conclusion I thought the narrator did a good job.I recommend this book. I was so impressed with this book. It was honest and heartbreaking. This is the first book I've read by Sarah Pekkanen and I was not disappointed. I will definitely be reading more from her. I'm really not very good at describing my thoughts for book reviews but I just couldn't let myself get away with the 4 star rating without saying something. So there you go. The book was awesome and you should read it.

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Loved loved loved this book! The story was beautiful and moving.

It's a sweet and whimsy read... That's all

Better than I anticipated!

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