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Motorcycle Man (2012)

Motorcycle Man (2012)

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About book Motorcycle Man (2012)

This book was a great end to the series. It was action packed, full of drama, sexy, and funny. There were times when Tack pushed the line between alpha man and jerk, but he always seemed to have a good excuse. lol. He could talk his way out of anything and even I forgave him. I guess he was a little more of a jerk than the previous heroes in the series due to being president of a motorcycle club. Having that kind of power, responsibility, and freedom could probably make any man a "my way or the highway" kind of guy. And he was such a dirty talker in the sack. Shew, my cheeks are still burning in embarrassment! All in all, it's tied with the first book as my favorite of the series. A really great read. 4.5 scary biker dude stars !!The only reason i didn’t give this book 5 stars is because i loved the pervious one more. However, I really loved this book and I must say TACK is the dream man, don’t get me wrong I loved Mitch and Hawk but Tack is a one of a kind he is what makes this book what it is…He is a combination of scary, thoughtful , loving caring sweet and every single adjective you can think of ! I loved the way he cared about Tyra … How he bared his soul for her … I Think KA done a magic creating this character very very special character I must say.I LOVED tyra’s feisty character and personality how she embraced Tack and his whole scary biker dude world !An excellent read but my favorite of all time is Law Man.

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My favourite book of ALL time!!! I just love TACK. xo.

Dirty and sweet. I fell in love with Motorcycle Man.

This book is HOT! Fan-freakin-tastic!I love Tack(:

Can I please give this 10 stars!


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