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Midnight's Daughter (2008)

Midnight's Daughter (2008)

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About book Midnight's Daughter (2008)

Frankly said, I prefer Dory so much more to Cassie and just hope there will be more books in this series.Perhaps it's because Dory is a lot tougher and also, sorry, Mircea is too much of a father figure for me that I can really enjoy Cassie's involvment with him. Here though, he IS Dory's father so perfectly 'casted'. Just wish there was more of Daddy Mircea and his brothers as uncles. However, Louis-Cesare, now that is a very interesting love-interest for her. I also find Dorys world a lot richer in different communities than Cassie's. Sure, we do have a lot of vampire business here as well, but thanks to her friends and the fact that she isn't all that popular as a dhampir, we do get to see a lot more. Re-read Midnight's Daughter for the Urban fantasy series' book of the month for July 2014. I loved the magical objects in the book - the antisocial flying carpet, the defensive kitchen, etc. They enliven the world around the main characters. For me, the book was a little too wide - everyone else's issues were cramming into the main character and I felt like she was trying to be involved and almost failing. There were a few moments where I felt like she was drawn in, but sometimes I felt like I was more invested in the story than the main character.

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This book is cotton candy - it's a lot of fun without pretending to be good for you.

I love a good, violent female protagonist sometimes!! :)

Great damphir novel, good twist on all sides.

Not a bad way to spend a lazy afternoon!

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