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Death's Mistress (2010)

Death's Mistress (2010)

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0451412761 (ISBN13: 9780451412768)

About book Death's Mistress (2010)

Loved it!There's not much else to say really. The plot was intriguing and everyone was hunting everyone for the same thing and at the same time not the same thing, it was really quite good.The development of the characters is amazing as well, though I'm not all too fond of Claire, if I'm honest, except of course the dragon part, which is really quite something.The relations between the characters are wonderfully established as well.What I like even more about this series is how nice it complements the Cassandra Palmer series. It fills in the details that are only hinted at or still missing from Cassie's plotline and it makes the whole world all the more interesting.Radu is one of my absolute favourites. No matter how or when he appears, he just makes me laugh, especially when he gracefully faceplants dressed in nothing but robes and slippers.For an action-filled book I actually laughed quite a lot.Ray was really quite something as well and Scarface has a very interesting feel to his character - not to mention one of the most awesome magical tattoos ever!And Louis-Cesare... well... it's Louis-Cesare :-)And Mircea... well... Mircea is quite simply one of the most attractive vampires ever. Smooth-talking bastard but one hell of a presence. Dory has taken on a new job, helping her father get rid of vampire smugglers, then Claire shows back up with a bouncing baby in toe. Some of the Fey are out to kill little Aiden and Claire needs Dory's help making sure that doesn't happen. It all boils down to an ancient Fey relic - a rune that will protect the wearer from death. It was supposed to be given to Aiden, but someone stole it. Dory is trying to track it down and comes across an old buddy - Louis-Cesare. As usual, things are even more complicated than they appear. Louis-Cesare wants the rune to trade for his old mistress, Cristine, but Dory isn't about to let that happen. This book had even more action than the first one. Too much, in my opinion. I did like the intrigue and mystery more in this one, though. I didn't catch on until the end. There are a lot of politics in this book and it looks like it will become more and more of a theme. That's part of my decision to stop reading this series right now. Maybe I'll pick it back up at a later date, but for now, I'm satisfied to leave it where it is.

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Very good series. I'm excited to read the next one. I hope this series doesn't go down hill.

I liked this much better this time around!

just as good as the first

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