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Mi Vida Querida (2013)

Mi vida querida (2013)

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About book Mi Vida Querida (2013)

it's my first time in reading one collection of Alice Munro's short stories. .I do love the stories . There is something so real in each one ... the life in its different situations something undeniable. .I think Alice is so loyal to Canada because all her stories took place in Canadian cities and towns ... when the story in a town she will describe with love many sights thing I don't quite like is her style of writing some points it's just get boring ... but the story actions makes you complete it no matter what. I don't normally read many short stories....they tend to leave me frustrated because just when I start to connect to the characters and plot.....its over.....sigh. Alice Munro did leave me wanting more. She has an uncanny knack for drawing me in to the most mundane of details, and yet, there is something magical there. I especially liked the last 4 stories in this collection as they were semi-autobiographical and somehow more appealing for being truer. She is what I would call a spare or sparse writer.....she doesn't need a lot of detail to create her story and not a sentence is wasted. I wish she had written more novels....her writing reminds me of Margaret Atwood (although more based in reality) and Penelope Lively.

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Mostly a marveled at how full each short story was, and how much her characters stuck with me after.



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