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Mi Hermana Vive Sobre La Repisa De La Chimenea (2012)

Mi hermana vive sobre la repisa de la chimenea (2012)

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About book Mi Hermana Vive Sobre La Repisa De La Chimenea (2012)

Not quite what I was expecting - far better, in fact. I thought from the title that it would be a kind of quirky, sweet, touching little novel about some kid trying to get their head round their sister's death - how an urn on the mantelpiece can be their sister. Nope - this is about how this kid's parents are so destroyed by the kid's sister's death that they can't move beyond the urn on the mantelpiece to extend their love to the remaining kids. It's a really tough story - these kids' mother leaves them, their dad neglects them, they move house, and the ten-year-old kid who narrates the story is in a new school where he is constantly being bullied. The only kid who extends him any friendliness is another bullied kid - a Muslim girl. But he's not allowed to be friends with Muslims, because his sister was killed by Muslim terrorists. So he's not quite sure what to make of this girl's overtures of friendship and sometimes treats her badly, which causes friction between them. It's a really tough book - there is no sentimentality, no sweet bits, no happy relief of strong, caring adults helping fix a situation (the squishy stuff you normally get in American kids' books - nope, this is a very modern British book!). There's part of me that automatically thinks 'Gosh, this is a bit depressing and full-on for kids to read', but when I think about it more, I don't really think so - I think this kind of raw, honest, tough approach is appreciated by kids, especially the many kids who do have tough, torn-apart lives. I did think the talent show thing was a bit gimmicky though, and not really believable. This is the most poignant book I've read in a very long time. Annabel Pitcher tells a layered and nuanced tale while still beautifully capturing what it is to be ten years old. While the rhythms of the writing can get a touch tedious since it is a ten year old telling the story, that's also part of what's great. However, while Tweens on up could certainly understand this book, the subject matter is deep and real - it borders on too dark at times for me, but Jamie's perspective sort of made me feel's at once simpler and more complicated to be a child and sometimes I just wanted to hug the kid and others I wished I had that innocence again myself. As I mentioned, the storytelling is rich and the way everything just fit together made it lovely. And yet, despite the ten-year-old's perspective, Pitcher doesn't talk down and doesn't make everything a fantasy world where real, hard things magically get better. That doesn't mean it's depressing, though! She tackles difficult subjects with grace and got me thinking and feeling a whole lot about life, family, coping, love, and more; I walk away from this story with a gentle smile and a tear in my eye - what kind of tear, I'm not entirely sure. And that's a good thing. (End of schmaltzy review!)

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Really good, might be juvie lit but a good story and fast read.

This was such an interesting story.

Well worth the read. Heartwarming.

an amazing read!!!!!!

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