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Mein Sommer Mit Noah (2014)

Mein Sommer mit Noah (2014)

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About book Mein Sommer Mit Noah (2014)

I really enjoyed this book. I felt that it was fast paced, that it went straight to the point of what was happening. Basically what the book is about is a girl named Hannah has just broken up with her boyfriend on the last day of their junior year. So Hannah is a wreck, then 3 days later her best friend Ava is leaving to go to a camp to a be camp counselor. Ava doesn't want to leave Hannah completely alone so she tells her boyfriend Noah to watch after her. One thing leads to another and Hannah and Noah start having feelings for each other. Another thing I really liked about it was how it all takes place on the first day of senior year, her dealing with the consequences of it and explaining how it happened during the summer. My overall thoughts on it is that sometimes Hannah really annoyed me, but it's a nice light fun read during the summer. It was a really good contemporary book to read in the summer time. I wanted to know what happens to the main characters after the end of the story.The end didn't feel like an ending. I wanted a better conclusion to the story. It needed to have an epilogue. I loved how this story was told from her senior year and the summer time. That was interesting. I also liked how each chapter of the story had a title. It was also dramatic at times and I didn't expect those dramatic moments in the story but it made it more fun to read. After those dramatic moments I kept reading it until I finished it. It was an entertaining read!!!!

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The scenarios in here were so real, the parties, the conversations, concerts, etc. :)

The writing didn't impress me too much and the plot was ordinary and typical.

The book kept me interested. It fell it little flat at the end though.

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