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Master Of The Abyss (2010)

Master of the Abyss (2010)

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About book Master Of The Abyss (2010)

Brillante la trama de fondo porque me engañó completamente!! Jake es sencillamente perfecto y Kalinda es su pareja ideal. Adoré a los primos machistas, posesivos y protectores, me encantó la frase de Kallie "Ohhh Maestro, Señor, Amo del Universo" y la pregunta que Jake le hace en el prado en plan "este mes o el que viene" me hizo reír y soltar algún que otro suspiro. Definitivamente un gran libro con el toque de Dom necesario sin llegar a ser incómodo para el lector. Master of the Abyss (Kindle Edition)As a young child Kallie's mother dies and she is then passed around the family with Kallie believing that no one loves or wants her. Eventually Kallie is sent to live with her uncle and male cousins. So as to not rock the boat and make her leave she ends up becoming a bit of a tomboy so she doesn't stand out to her family or anyone else , but eventually Jake sees her as a woman under all those manly clothes. Jake doesn't realise how much he has come to care for and love Kallie until she is in danger of being murdered.This book could be read as a stand alone but I'm glad I read Master Of The Mountain first as then I could follow on with Jakes brother Logan and Becca .

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Jake's scar only makes him hotter! Another good read in the series.

Not as good as the others by this Author.

I love this author, she is creative.

2 1/5


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