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Making Faces (2013)

Making Faces (2013)

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I am not a tattoo guy, but if I were to get a tattoo, after reading this novel, I would tattoo, Bailey Sheen across my chest as if it were a giant "S."Making Faces, story with with real heart. It is a large story made up by present happenings and lots of amazing memories being told in narrated format. I have read other Novels by Amy Harmon and have five starred and loved every bit of them. The reason Amy Harmon's stories are so incredible, the reason they have so much heart, is because they are coming from a writer who has actually lived.Recently, in the middle of reading, Making Faces, I listened to an incredible interview with Amy and she tells a little about her life, her love and her struggles. The interview was as much heart as her stories and I have felt her heart being left on every page of the stories she tells, Making Faces was no exception.Making Faces; a story that has many faces and with each face there is a beautiful heart.I recommend this book to everyone. i wonder if this was just really a coming of age romance novel of a young adult christian novel.Because either of the two i am digging in and i can't get enough of Amy Harmon's books starting my first reads of her work, the law of Moses, Infinity + one, The Different kind of Blue, and now this. i super like how she wrote and how heart warming her novels were, the kind of literally brings my faith to humanity back after reading a book that themes the opposite of this. (i just happened to read the perfectionist by sarah shepard, gladly, making faces is the next book in my list, and it redeemed me from getting drowned out in the emotions of losing my faith the whole humanity, despite in some part of this book, had broken my heart) Ambrose and Fern's relationship starts during their childhood when Ambrose killed a big spider, much to the disappointment of Fern and her cousin Bailey. Fern's a nerd, a cousin and an unofficial "supporter"of Bailey from his developing disease, while Ambrose is the star player and the "Hercules" of their wrestling team, not to mention, the guy with a flowing hair and big and muscled adonis with a penchant for Shakespeare. the development of their story after Afghanistan when the war broke out after the Muslim extremist crash a plane to the world trade center and terrorize the american nation, Ambrose was a survivor and the only one person who came back after all his best friends died on the war. he was kind of having a survivors guilt and was being a beast in a fairy tale where he locks his life out of human contact except his dad because he was no longer beautiful and his own mother avoids to look at him, and got his feeling, "ah! I'm ugly now don't look at me or you'll be afraid" He reminds of "Kyle" from Beastly by Alex Flinn, in the aftermath of his curse that Kendra the witch cast to help him learn a lesson, in regards to personal appearances. (just guess what had happen) through out the novel, the characters portrayed in the story were all used and had an importance to the character evolution, and much more than that I love that Ambrose's father loved his son more than the thought he wasn't really his son. He was still hoping for his wife to love him back the way he showed to the both of them, he was a kind of a father that was rarely portrayed in the novels on my list. its cute and happy. It's quite a tragic, Rita had chosen a wrong guy to love with instead of somebody beside her who truly loves her with all his heart and she has to pay for all her mistake in the end. All in all its a feast that I can say I love reading it again and again. Thanks Amy Harmon for writing this, as well as the music in your novel trailer, "polaroid" by paul travis.

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i liked the story, but it did not have that wow factor i was hoping it would have.

This book broke my heart, made me cry, made me smile, and most of all it gave me hope.

Everyone needs to read this. I floved it!

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