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Magie Střelného Prachu (2014)

Magie střelného prachu (2014)

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About book Magie Střelného Prachu (2014)

Awwwww I love this! Andrea's childhood was heart-braking and I completely understood why she did what she did, but I also understood Raphael's point of view; to be honest I would have done the same thing that Raphael did at the start of the book - but then I am glad he got his ass whooped by Andrea. This was so much fun! Ahhhhh how I missed Ilona Andrews. Gotta get back into Kate Daniels soon! I spent the first two thirds of the book being extremely angry with Andrea's boyfriend for his creepy stalker shit. Then I reached a point where I decided that these two assholes deserve each other. Then I was able to let go, and ask myself more important questions like: does Andrea have a dick when she's a hyena? I decided she probably does and Raphael is probably into it. So maybe I do ship it, a little.

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I really like the kate daniels' books. I really like these two stories.

I really liked this, more than I thought I would.

Pretty good, when it wasn't silly.

Actual thoughts to follow soon.

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