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Magic Strikes (2009)

Magic Strikes (2009)

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0441017029 (ISBN13: 9780441017027)

About book Magic Strikes (2009)

Wow I haven't gone through a series so fast in a very long time. The characters and the stories are absolutely addicting. Kate Daniels has officially moved to the top of my favorite heroine list. I especially adore the developing relationship between Kate and the Pack members; I love to see the transition between Kate the loner to the Kate that have friends and family. Of course I have to mention the development of her and Curran's relationship--it's nearly combustible. 5 Stars: This one was the best in the series so far. I've really grown attached to these characters, and I adored getting to know more about them. The action in this book was so fantastic, and I love how we got to know more about Kate as a character and her overall history. I literally could not stop reading this one. If you love action packed urban fantasy books then you really need to read this series. It will appeal to males and females alike. Also, if you are concerned about the romance. These books so far have had little romance. Sure there are the beginnings of a possible romance, but overall the story is NOT about the relationships. It is more about this crazy world and Kate, and goodness it is fantastic. One of my favorites!

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This book was really great. Can't wait to read the rest of the series!

Why have I not read these already!?

Gotta love Curran!

4.5 stars

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