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Magic Slays (2011)

Magic Slays (2011)

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0441020429 (ISBN13: 9780441020423)
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About book Magic Slays (2011)

So far this is the only Kate Daniels book that I could not get into... Too many characters coming in and out, too my different story lines going in and out and the story was agonizingly slow...And I could do without the Curran/ Kate romance. It has always seemed too forced and Kate and Curran's characters do not seem to emotionally and romantically mesh....Kate was more interesting as the lone wolf... Again the Kate and Curran relationship seemed to have been pushed together without and real bond between them. So a human terrorist group is out to destroy magic in this one. Kate examined her relationship with Curran. There was a lot of interesting world-building (as usual). We find out more about Kate's past. This book sort of felt like a transitional book (Kate is in the beginning of a serious relationship, she just started a business, etc.) It was fairly slow paced, but I liked how all the magical groups/creatures had to team up at the end. This wasn't my favorite in the series, but it was still pretty good.

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Another great one. No Roland this time which is shocking. I love Curran and Kate as a couple.

Entertaining and funnyLike this one a lot

Loved this series in high school!

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