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Magic Rises (2013)

Magic Rises (2013)

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About book Magic Rises (2013)

I absolutely LOVED Magic Rises. Easily my favorite of the series. Perhaps it was the adventure on the seas (yes, I have a secret love pirate stories), likely it was that Curran and Kate were together and interacted quite a bit in this story, probably due in part to Hugh and Curran and the jealousy conflict factors for both Kate and Curran.Then there were the vivid descriptions of lush landscapes...The amazing action adventure...The creative new characters...The mystery...The plot twists...Yeah. I could go on and on. This one gets beyond five stars from me and is being added to my all time favs. Will I reread the series again? Without a doubt. But this book stood apart from all the rest and I look forward to reading it again. Ok. I admit that I probably wouldn't have kept reading this series if I wasn't in the middle of writing my thesis and trying to avoid it and grading papers. But this series has officially sucked me in. Each book really does get better, and the humor at odd moments always makes me laugh. I still think there's entirely too much unnecessary language in them, but I think I'll just get the eBook versions and edit it out.

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They just keep getting better and better!

so far, best of the series!



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