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Magic Dreams (2012)

Magic Dreams (2012)

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About book Magic Dreams (2012)

Gaaaah!!! So. Much. Awesome. I can't even...!!!I'm loving reading these novellas! I thoroughly enjoy getting to focus more on the other characters in the main books. I totally love reading their POVs. This was an amazing one!!! Dali plays a big role in the third book, but then we don't see much of her. I had no idea exactly how she felt about a certain someone, nor did I have any idea how that someone felt about her. I. Loved. This!!!!!! Book, welcome to my favorites list!! You are in good company!! A story about Dali and's about time! I love these two. Dali is hilarious. A vegetarian, blind white tiger who faints at the sight of blood and a badass Security expert team up to save his life. What could go wrong? Cool term: jorogumo...the whore spiderJorōgumo (Japanese Kanji: 絡新婦, Hiragana: じょろうぐも) is a type of Yōkai, a creature, ghost or goblin of Japanese folklore. According to some stories, a Jorōgumo is a spider that can change its appearance into that of a seductive woman.In Japanese Kanji, Jorōgumo is written as "絡新婦" (literally meaning "binding bride") or "女郎蜘蛛" (literally meaning "whore spider"). Jorōgumo can also refer to some species of spiders, but in casual use it can refer to the Nephila and Argiope spiders. Japanese-speaking entomologists use the katakana form of Jorōgumo (ジョロウグモ) to refer, exclusively, to the spider species Nephila clavata.

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I love Dali and Jim as much as I adore Curran and Kate. Such badass couples, need more!! :D

Short and cute. Good to see Jim and Dali together finally.

The Heart wants what it wants-S.G

It was too short. I wanted more!

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