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Maggie: Diary 1 (1997)

Maggie: Diary 1 (1997)

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0590298372 (ISBN13: 9780590298377)
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About book Maggie: Diary 1 (1997)

Because she writes the babysitter's club series, I figured this may be an easy read for some of my 7th grade girls. I couldn't get into it, and I'm 3/4 finished. The protagonist is really into singing, is an over-achiever, goal-oriented, and totally rich. She writes and revises her own songs throughout, which was kind of cool, but really, nothing sparked my interest. Blah, blah. I don't even know to whom I'd recommend it, so I guess I'll get rid of it and make room on my shelves for something I can get excited about. When I'm excited, the kids get excited. That's what I've learned. Update: Well, there are a lot of good reviews from what seems to be teens for this one....I'll just keep it there hoping that some day it'll find a good match.

I will never understand parents that control their kids. I just...don't get it. Maybe it's because of my family, but I just can't understand a person that thinks a child is a robot, something to control. You can't. You can't choose a damn thing for them, once they can start moving. Which is before their born.That is a lesson that the main character and her family have to learn. Maggie learned to let go, live, and be herself, the person no one can control but herself. It was nice, and I hope she'll continue to do that.

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Believe it or not, I actually read this Diary first. And this is like, the 3rd one is the series!!! lol, but that was because my sister had all these books hiden in her room somewhere, *rolls eyes* shes so odd. anyway, it actually made sence. Into the book, when Maggie plays "Hey, Down There" for her band, Vanish, you feel like your feet are...not touching the ground. It was a deep moment for me when I read that part because Maggie seriously realtes to the song is so many ways. So I could just imagine how she sang it for the Battle of the Bands. =) Maggle Rules

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