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Series: California Diaries

by Author Ann M. Martin


Maggie: Diary 1 (1997)

Because she writes the babysitter's club series, I figured this may be an easy read for some of my 7th grade girls. I couldn't get into it, and I'm 3/4 finished. The protagonist is really into singing, is an over-achiever, goal-oriented, and totally rich. She writes and revises her own songs t...

Maggie: Diary 1 (1997) by Ann M. Martin

Ducky: Diary 3 (2000)

Sunny up and kisses Ducky. Hoo boy. Here we are. Spoilers ahead, I'm not going to use tags.I think it's important to note that, while I'd read some of the early California Diaries several years ago, I was reading everyone's Diary 2 and 3 fresh right before reviewing, so I had not read ahead to th...

Ducky: Diary 3 (2000) by Ann M. Martin

Dawn: Diary 1 (1997)

This isn't your big sister's goody-goody baby-sitters club. This is REAL. This is RAW. This is CALIFORNIA.I was so confused when I learned, at age 24 or so, that California Diaries existed--confused and delighted. You mean there is a BSC spinoff series where they are in high school? And they're d...

Dawn: Diary 1 (1997) by Ann M. Martin

Amalia: Diary 3 (2000)

Amalia is hate crimed.Amid various party-related plotlines (Amalia and Isabel are planning a party for their family, Sunny and Ducky are planning a going-away party for Dawn as she prepares to spend another summer in Stonybrook), Amalia is assaulted by some drunk girls who call her racist names a...

Amalia: Diary 3 (2000) by Ann M. Martin