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Loving Mr. Daniels (2000)

Loving Mr. Daniels (2000)

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Taboo teacher/student luv... yes yes.. i know... not a fave for most... but this one... don't let that stop you from reading it!!the teacher is 22, the student, 19... yes, she is a senior in high school.. but she was held back due to being sick... they share the same soul... having suffered immeasurable tragedy and loss... they will not survive without each other... literally it hurts to breathe, and they are blind, until they are together... you will fight for them to be together just as much as they do!!Brittainy C. Cherry has a new fan in this Princess... her writing flows beautifully, and she tackles an incredibly difficult story line interlaced with tragedy, and does it soooooooo respectfully and beautiful... grab the tissues... sad and happy tears with this one... one of my fave books this year! I absolutely loved this book, it was beautiful and breathe taking. When they cried so did I. It was like experiencing everything they felt like I was there the whole time, like I was part of the story. The story was romantic, heartbreaking, loving and funny, leaving you with something than you had at the beginning. If you like romantic stories, hell even if you don't & read it just because you will probably love it because it touches something deep within you.

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I love this book. Just love to read when two people don't give on love no matter what....

Simply amazing. No other word can describe this story. Loved it with all my heart.

Very good read! 4.5 stars!!!!

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