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Lost To You (2013)

Lost to You (2013)

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About book Lost To You (2013)

This book. This book filled my heart with so much feeling. Take This Regret broke my heart. I wanted to hate Christian, but could not, and now, now I think I fell in love with him a bit myself. This is the story of how Christian and Elizabeth met and fell in love. And what a touching, sweet story it was. Seeing Christian come to terms with himself on loving and needing someone gave us a new look into who he is and what he wants. Seeing the fear and apprehension in Elizabeth gives us a new understanding of how much what happens in Take This Regret broke her. But at the bottom of it all, it was a sweet love story that fills your heart. This is why we read romance. :) If you have not, read Take This Regret and then Lost To You. Both are so worth it and full of emotion. Happy reading. Lost to You (Take This Regret, #0.5) by A.L. Jackson3.5- 4 StarsI FINALLY started reading this series. I have had my eyes on this series for SO LONG. After reading A.L Jacksons other book When We Collide which BLEW ME AWAY I knew I would read ANYTHING this author puts out. I loved this novella; the writing is excellent yet again. MY mistake was reading it BEFORE book 1 -Take This Regret. Yes I know it is a 0.5 and would normally be read first BUT it was released AFTER. I should have read it in the order in which they were released. I KNOW I would have really enjoyed it better had I done that. Going into it knowing the characters story from book 1 and taking a look back and seeing WHY she reacts the way she does, why he was the way he was and made the decisions he made and what type of relationship they started with really would have enhanced everything for me even more. So YES read this book/series but I suggest reading them in the order they were released for an even better experience.

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Loved it, looking forward to Take this Regret!

Quick read. A sweet story laced with spice :)

oooh my heart!! I fell in love...

4.5 of 5 Stars

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