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Lord Of The Abyss (2011)

Lord of the Abyss (2011)

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About book Lord Of The Abyss (2011)

I didn't read the first 3, but the last one was really really good. I loved the heroine, but then again, I tend to like sympathetic heroines who are sweet and not huge egotistical beauty queens. It was a good beauty and the beast -- but with a bit of a twist; the hero is beautiful, but acts beastly-ish. The heroine is ugly, but acts like pure beauty. The way the relationship plays out is magical. I borrowed this ebook from the local library and expected it to be a guilty pleasure read. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. I didn't realize at first, that it is the fourth book in a series written by four different authors. I'm typically not a big fan of that format, and probably would have avoided this one had I known. The main hero was a weird combination of child-like and badass that had me feeling a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing. Overall, I could easily have skipped this one. Nalini Singh's books tend to be hit or miss for me, though, so count this one as a miss.

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Nalini Singh is an awesome writer. Her's was the best story.

Oh god, Micha.. The name itself makes me shiver all over.

I think this is the best book in the series!

Like all Nalini Singh's work, love it ^.^

An entertaining read!

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