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Locke & Key, Volume 6: Alpha & Omega (2014)

Locke & Key, Volume 6: Alpha & Omega (2014)

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1613778538 (ISBN13: 9781613778531)
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About book Locke & Key, Volume 6: Alpha & Omega (2014)

5/5And so it ends.This comic has been one of the most interesting, imaginative, and beautiful books on the stands. I put it right up there with Saga among the best comics out there that I would recommend to anyone. It deserves the Eisner award it won.And I'm not going to lie: I got choked up reading this. Joe hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have crafted a wonderful story that's strong all the way through, a feat few comics can accomplish. This was an emotional roller-coaster of a book that broke my heart in the very best way.If you've been at all curious, then do yourself a favor and pick up the first trade. You will not be disappointed.5/5 If you had any interest in reading this series, now is the time to start...this is the final installment. It's been a weird journey, but Joe Hill has told an interesting story accompanied by great artwork. Keyhouse has been the home of the Locke family for years. What no adult can allowed to remember...are the magical keys that have been crafted by generations of Lockes. Beneath the craggy foundations, intentionally submerged under water, is the doorway to another dimension. A dimension populated with unimaginable creatures, demons, that yearn for the warmth of our world. Creatures that escaped into our world but did not find a living host were turned into the special metal that the keys of Keyhouse were made. Years ago, a foolhardy Locke convinced his friends to help him once again open the door, sure in his ability to gain more of the magical iron needed to craft additional keys to his liking. His children now have to continue to pay the price of this arrogant deed.I'd definitely recommend this & the Indy library carries the whole series.

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A great ending to the series. Awesome story arc and conclusion.

Excellent. What a great ending to a great series.

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