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Locke & Key, Volume 5: Clockworks (2012)

Locke & Key, Volume 5: Clockworks (2012)

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1613772270 (ISBN13: 9781613772270)
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About book Locke & Key, Volume 5: Clockworks (2012)

This one was over too quickly. The art-work in this series is amazing. I'm frequently astounded by how incredibly well the scenes are portrayed. Some of this stuff is really hard to conceptualize visually, but the artist did an exceptional job.In this volume, a large part of the mystery was solved. It was pretty sad to find out what really happened. Only two volumes left, I'm ready to find out how it ends, but I don't want it to be over. I'll be right with you, fellow goodreads reviewers, I just have to pass out over the sheer enormity of what I just read......Three hours later...Okay, I'm back but still utterly stupified. I'll try to keep my fangirl hysterics to a minimum. Personally, I feel that Clockworks, the fifth one in the series, is the best Lockr and Key. Joe Hill has continue to amaze me with this series and I feel that he pulls out all the stops with Clockworks. This was exposition city; backstory galore and it was freakin' awesome!The gist: Dodge is continuing his search for the Omega Key and Kinsey and Tyler find a new key that goes into a grandfather clock. The clock has the ability to transport them to any point in time between 1775 and January 1, 2000. They use it to discover how the keys were built and what really happened between Dodge and their father in 1988.My mind was blown away. I was totally transfixed. In fact, I was reading at the theatre before my movie started and I didn't even realized the trailers were on. Those trailers are my favorite part of any movie! I applaud Joe Hill for a great story and even richer background. Once again, Gabriel Rodriguez killed the art. Dude can depict crazy and evil and sane and good just as well as Hill can describe it.Clockworks ruled and I cannot wait to read the conclusion. A thought that makes me truly sad because I really don't want this to end.

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Wow, just wow! How i said ever volume is better than the previous. 1 book more :((

Difficult to stop reading this book and series. Improves upon each graphic novel.

These books just get better and better.

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