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Locke & Key, Volume 3: Crown Of Shadows (2010)

Locke & Key, Volume 3: Crown of Shadows (2010)

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1600106951 (ISBN13: 9781600106958)
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About book Locke & Key, Volume 3: Crown Of Shadows (2010)

Let me start out and say that Brian K. Vaughan, the creator of Y: The Last Man, wrote the sensational foreword to this volume and described perfectly how I feel about this series. Joe Hill is absolutely brilliant with this series and with his collaboration and the artwork makes it spectacular to read. It's interesting how this graphic novel showcases the anxiety these characters suffer and watching the villain doing wicked things and not getting caught gives me goose bumps and want to run away as fast as I can from this small town. This volume had so much action and I love the epic fight that erupts in the mansion between the older brother and the darkness. I need the rest of the series in my hands now! There is one major flaw that keeps this book from being utterly amazing - there is no true continuity between episodes. Yes, each one of them is great and yes each one reveals some crucial fact to the story as well as adds to the character development, but then characters just go on. I mean if you just battle with shadows would you continue with your life as nothing happened? And if you just listed all the things broken, would you try mending them in the same order? Or would you suddenly remember more important one? To you or to the story?

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Really enjoyed the family dynamic in this one

This is such a good series!

Ich hasse cliffhanger. -.-

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