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Liebste Tess (2010)

Liebste Tess (2010)

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About book Liebste Tess (2010)

This was kind of riding the so-so rails for me. It was good but it wasn't so gripping that I couldn't put it down. The story is told through letter from Beatrice to her missing sister Tess, with random flashbacks to their childhood/conversations thrown in occasionally. I liked the idea of it being a letter, it felt very personal and that was what drew me in in the first place. I also thought that when Tess was found dead that the idea of this book being a letter to her grew in poignancy.On the other hand, I was a little thrown by how unlikeable Beatrice was. I know that that was intentional, in order to give us something to compare her later behaviour to but having an unlikeable narrator totally ruined any suspense/intrigue that I felt. I also felt that the big reveal that Tess was dead was a little premature. Whilst I did enjoy the mystery of finding out the what's and why's, everything from her being found dead was a little disappointing.I have some very mixed feelings on the ending. Yes, it was a completely unexpected plot twist but for me it felt uncomfortably close to 'And when Beatrice woke up, it had been a dream.' I did, however, love the ending being open to interpretation. Was she really saved? Was Kasia's voice just another one of her vivid imaginings to try and keep her sane? There's no right or wrong answer. Kriminalni roman za ženske s sestrami. Napeta zgodba se razvija v pismih, v njih so čustvene izpovedi in občudovanje do mlajše sestre, ki je vedno delala vse neodgovorno in narobe. Pripovedovalka razgali svojo dušo, dozori pred bralčevimi očmi, hkrati pa razreši umor svoje sestre ter najde pravi smisel prej izgubljenega življenja. Ste se kdaj zazrli in vam je čez glavo švignilo neskončno misli, ste v nekaj minutah preživeli leta svojega življenja?

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The book had some interesting points but was depressing and disappointing in the end.

Vlot gelezen, maar niet bijzonder genoeg om me lang bij te blijven.

Best psychological thriller I've read since "Gone Girl".

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