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Lexicon (2013)

Lexicon (2013)

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1594205388 (ISBN13: 9781594205385)
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Okay I'm twelve so maybe it's the most arrogant thing in the world to say that I love this book. But when I realized that this book actually relates to real life, ( and I do not mean that poets will go around saying intricate words in order to persuade people) I just think that the words you choose to say matter in your life more than people think. As an example in this book, when Emily tells lee she is a dog person it sets a whole new ground stage for the entire book and the belief that words can decide your fate, and the way you live, is an extremely powerful message to convey in just a book. It was one of the realist messages I've read in a while. I simply adored Max Barry's message and story in its entirety. Think of this as a sleeker Neal Stephenson novel with all the good and bad connotations that carries with it. Lexicon is fast paced and action packed with just enough mythology/history/psychology woven in to make you think its premise just might be possible. By the way the premise is the best part. Certain people in certain organizations have found a way to hack an individual's brain by just uttering a few ancient words. Although its not quite that simple because they have to determine a potential victim's psychological profile from a list of over 200 possibilities in order to know which verbal code will work. Once they get in though, they can make that person do whatever they like.

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Very gripping novel about a completely new topic, though a bit irritating at few points

Really out there thought process, very very, interesting.

Großartig. Lesen!

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