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Le Baiser De L'araignée (2011)

Le baiser de l'araignée (2011)

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2290030597 (ISBN13: 9782290030592)
J'ai Lu

About book Le Baiser De L'araignée (2011)

Any book that makes me so intrigued as to ignore the rest in my queue to read more of the series, is a 5 for me. Spider's Bite did exactly that. I found the seamless way Ms. Estep introduced me to her strangely altered world was unique. A perfect blend with the familiar and the magical made reading easy and allowed the introduction to Gin and the gang quite much so I want more. I'm hoping there are more explanations and sizzle in the next in the series, and am quite optimistic as this was such a great start. Spider's Bite was exactly what I expected: an urban adventure mixed with elemental magic. I was surprised dwarves, giants, and vampires were added to the milieu, The characters were interesting and fun to follow. My only gripes about the book was the plot was fairly simple and some of the dialogue was trite and cliché. I expect as the author becomes more comfortable with the characters, she'll bring more out of them.

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It was ok, still couldn't connect with characters. Will try second book to see if improves

Maybe I need to re-read this book. I cannot believe I gave it only **.

wow. Why isn't this a TV series already! full review to come!

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