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Landline (2014)

Landline (2014)

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1250049377 (ISBN13: 9781250049377)
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I finished this in hours. HOURS. That has never happened to me before. At least, it never does anymore. Or I just don't have the luxury of time. Or maybe, maybe, this is exactly what I've been looking for when I'm scouting for books in MONTHS.I miss this. I miss feeling like you loved a book so much and you just grip the edges tighter when the emotions got too much and you never want to drop it because you are far too invested in the characters and if you put it down, the magic might go away. I love it. I love it because it made me feel.I read that the setting was a week before Christmas and after I missed those days because I badly needed to catch up another book, I didn't think I'd be able to read it around Christmas time. Turns out, my timing was perfect and if I let one more day go by, I would have missed my window. :)But by gosh, this could have been me. Literally. Neal (ugh, ugly name please, by the end of the book, I was still misreading his name) is so much like my friend (who I flirted with the thought of being together for like a day) and even the walk he talks. Just remove the dimples, chubbiness and the degree and there ya go, exact description of my friend. Now, I'm scared that we might end up together and this'll be the book of my life. Haha no. And I have Seth. Seriously. But I would never want to be with him. Sure, there was a time I waited but that's what you do with the Seths of the world. It's like instinct that for some time you'd think you're special and you'd wait for him. Until somebody ruins it for you. Nobody did ruin it for me. I ruined it for me, I guess, but I just know that I didn't want to end up with him. And I think I'm like Georgie in most ways (but please no to the c-section and the waist), I coulda been a writer/performer ya know. Haha. At first, I didn't quite believe that she might actually be talking to 1998 Neal even if she already heard Paul's voice. I kept thinking of reasons/logic on how to make it still grounded in reality. But once I accepted the fact that somehow it is by kind of magic, I already got the twist. I didn't get the last part where Neal's reaction was like he didn't knew her. I get now that it's supposed to be part of the twist the second time I read it. Hehe.Ugh, Rainbow Rowell seriously needs to work on her endings. She just creates this perfect present but she just quite don't know how to tie a pretty little ribbon in it. Only Attachments had a SATISFACTORY (using this loosely and because I have a soft spot for Lincoln) ending on ALL her books and this was just a .01x better than E&P. It took me hours to get over E&P, I felt cheated then.Flawless characters, they really felt alive and you'd emphatizable haha. Love everything except for the ending and "Neal". :) Cool Christmas story though. Shoutout Rowell and read this while drinking hot cocoa. I still keep reading this. This was sweet and by fluke a Christmas story! I loved most of this. I loved Neil and how he took care of his family but also because he was an artist, loved the pug parts just because I love pugs. Georgie had a tough decision to make but in the end it was so clear to her what she had to do. That last grand gesture made me anxious though - flying, Christmas Eve, snowpocalypse...This was my first RR book but won't be my last. Borrowed from library audiobook.

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Took some extra-long lunches when I first got this book, so unwilling was I to tear myself from it.

What a cute story. You really wonder how it is going to end yet you don't want it to end.

Pretty good, dragged at times. Interesting idea.

Ich hatte mir leider viel mehr vorgestellt.

GoodReads #1 Fiction 2014

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