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Eleanor & Park (2013)

Eleanor & Park (2013)

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1250012570 (ISBN13: 9781250012579)
St. Martin's Press

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This book was one of those books that continuously popped up in places, mostly on the internet, sometimes in book stores. I think this one was recommended online by John Green, so of course that's how it started. This book is so raw I was in a "book coma" for days after finishing it. Set in 1986, Rowell's novel is written from two perspectives; Park- a Korean teenage boy who knows Kung fu but can't drive a stick shift, and Eleanor- the new girl in town who wears scarves around her wrists and sews satin patches to her jeans. The novel revolves around the growing relationship between the two, starting with awkward bus rides and comics, and ending with a road trip out of town. In between is a whole lot of the one thing I hate most in the world- bullying and abuse. It's been awhile since I've read a book that has bullying and abuse woven into the storyline. I'd forgotten how emotionally draining reading something like that is. It does tend to drag on a bit, so if this stuff is too heavy for you, don't do what I did and read the entire thing in a day. What Rowell lacks in a smooth storyline, she makes up for in her character creating and development. Not only does she do so well to write in the characters you can picture thundering down the stairs and hurling dinner dishes at the wall in anger, but she writes in characters you can physically feel sitting on the floor bundled together to hide from the abuse. Raw as anything. Applause to you, Rowell. Though I love this book with all my heart, it didn't quite make it onto my favourites shelf. Hunt this book down and get stuck into it! Eleanor and Park is by far on of the best books I have ever read. Let me start out in saying that it is not a gushing teen love story which only adds on to the small bits of kindling love we do see. Eleanor the new girl with the vibrant red untamed hair and Park the quiet male wallflower make a story come to life through a double perspective book chapter to chapter. They take us through the ups and downs on Eleanor's abusive household and through Park's misunderstood adolescent boy life. If you are a sucker for a romance novel but also love a wonderful plot line and a beautifully crafted book Eleanor and Park is a great book for you.

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