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Lady Luck (2000)

Lady Luck (2000)

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for those who think they lost hope i think this book probably good for you.I like how sassy Lexi are and how awesome ty is and truth to be told..mama?it did sound weird and something else.its like calling mom.and that is totally WEIRD.i like how they learn to know each other very well and even though ty can be such an arse but it doesnt mean they did not try to cooperate and ty trying his best to prove that hes worth every single bits.loving it so much and it is cool.awesome2..and yeah~.. Ty Walker was a freaking whirlwind!!! He came with ALOT of much happened. So many twists and turns. SO MUCH!!*ONE THING I HATED: THE FACT THAT TY CALLED LEXIE "MAMA". NO ONE SAYS THAT SHIT. NOT IN ATLEAST 3 DECADES. AND IT WAS NEVER "MAMA" BUT "MA"...THIS JUST REALLY REALLY ANNOYED ME. I KNOW HE'S HALF BLACK BUT DAMN THAT'S NOT A TERM OF ENDEARMENT THAT BLACK GUYS GIVE THIER GIRLS. UGHHHHHHH*Other than that...I loved loved loved these two. And their story. It's a good thing Lexie was all warmth and sunshine. Ty needed her light, her brightness to bring him out of the dark (as Ella so sweetly predicted). And although he fought the end, he never had much of a choice. Anything that could potentially keep him from Lexie and their future together - Ty didn't want any part in it. In the beginning he was hard and cold, but who wouldn't be - he needed revenge. He needed to take control. While Lexie didn't know was something about him that made her trust him. The same thing that made Ty trust Lexie. Right from the start. The moment they were married, all to give Ty an alibi, Lexie was falling in love and Ty...well, he was already in love. Two strangers who made their way to each other for no other reason than that they needed one another.Lexie was all in...she supported Ty from the beginning. They began to build a life, but life in Carnal - both of their paths - wouldn't make building that life very easy. Ty got scared and angry and pushed Lexie away more than once...but when he was forced to live a life without his light he knew he needed Lexie more than anything else. And Ty was the one thing in Lexie's life that she could not survive losing.I'm grateful for Ty's good friends and Lexie's family. Without the people in their life...these two may have never made it. The struggles only made them closer and stronger.But Lady Luck finally decided to work in their favor. The Walkers. Mechanic and Masseuse. One big house - HOME. 4 kids. A beautiful life. It warmed my heart that Irving got a second chance with his son's children. And it's no surprise that he was the closest to Ella Alexi - she was the one most like Ty. I'm also glad Ty got his little boys! lol Ty and Alexa were opposites in more ways than one. But they fit perfectly. His darkness to her light. His seriousness to her goofiness. She trusted him fully and supported him in all things. He encouraged her and laid the world at her feet. TEAM WALKER.

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I loved this book! Great storyline. Awesome characters. I love Ty(:

Book #86 - 2014Awesome!!


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