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La Voz Del Viento (2013)

La voz del viento (2013)

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Molino (RBA)

About book La Voz Del Viento (2013)

I really enjoyed it! It was an interesting read. It was a little different than the other books I've read. It was quite refreshing!The storyline, and the characters were carefully thought out, and well written. The author did a great job! I haven't picked up the next book yet, but it is on my list to get on my next book order/shopping trip. I'm trying to finish up what I have to read. Which I have about 1 book left to go! Yay!! LOL Anyways I do recommend it. You'll definitely like it! 3.75 stars, rounding up. I loved the fresh, new premise of this book. It's something I've not read about in YA Paranormal yet, so that was interesting. And I I enjoyed the alternating perspectives of our 2 MC's. But I put it down for almost a week, after getting about 100 pages in, meaning it didn't grip me and suck me in. Still, I'll read the next book and would love to discuss this with someone (hint-hint, nudge-nudge Karin), because there were a lot of interesting and intriguing elements.

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Unfortunately it is not my genre so I got really bored with the story but it sure is a good book. :(

I loved it. It was true and sweet .

Some interesting concepts

i loved this, c:

It was okay.

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