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La Scatola Dei Desideri (2009)

La scatola dei desideri (2009)

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Piemme Junior

About book La Scatola Dei Desideri (2009)

This book was fiction. The main characters of this book are Amanda and Leo, who were born on the same day. They celebrated every birthday together, until there 11th birthday. Amanda feels like its wrong to have separate birthday parties this year. She wakes up the next morning to find out that the same day is repeating over and over again. Leo and Amanda have to work together after not talking for a year, and figure out how to stop the day from repeating.Reading this book made me think about the world. In this book there was a lot of problems between people and in the world today there are a lot of conflicts like that. The conflicts could be big, being between the president and someone or just everyday people. Everyday people is what this relates to the most.I would recommend this book to really anybody, adults or children. People who like books about some real life problems, and some fantasy added in there would definitely like this book. Very interesting book, has 3 books in a series - 11 birthday, 12 finally, 13 gifts - SWBST - Amanda’s 11th birthday is coming up and she’s decided to make a change and celebrate it by herself. She usually celebrates it with her “twin” Leo because he was born on the exact day as her. However, after waking up from the day after her birthday, she realizes that something fishy is happening. Everything that happened on her birthday was replaying itself today, but she was the only who knew about it. Or that’s what she thought. Leo is going through the same thing as her. When Leo tells her to meet him outside during lunch, it hits her that she hasn’t talked to him for a year ever since their fight from their 10th birthday. However, Amanda knows that he is probably the only hope she has to solve this mystery. Together, they spend 11 birthdays trying to solve this mystery, realizing that there is more to it then it seems… 11 birthdays is a story about friendship, teamwork and mystery

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